Zombies Fashion
XETemplate 2012-02-16 12:12:48

When Yasmin came into the studio I thought I recognized that special face of hers. I was under the impression I had seen her in some fashion show, or a magazine cover. When I heard her accent I suddenly realized. This girl appeared in Supermodel and she was one of my favourites. After having a chance to speak to her one of the impressions she gave me was that she was a simple girl, fun and enchanting.

How did all this start for you?
It runs in the family, my parents were both models and always supported me in this profession. Since very little I did what I could to work in a catalogue or two.

In that case you have formed part of an agency since you were a small girl?
Well yes, Ole Group, in Tenerife where I started, but to live on the islands doesn’t make the road easy as there isn’t a lot of work. The director introduced me to Group’s director.

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