2013 Ferrari F12berlinetta
XETemplate 2012-08-29 19:10:14

This is our first official look at the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which will replace the aging 599 GTB Fiorano in Ferrari’s lineup after its debut on the world stage at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. While the F12 Berlinetta’s general profile roughly resembles that of its predecessor, there’s not a single bit of sheetmetal shared between the two cars. Styled by longtime design partner Pininfarina, the F12 Berlinetta is an interesting amalgamation of strong, flowing surfaces and existing design cues. Up front, the F12 Berlinetta’s long headlamps bear a resemblance to those of the 458 Italia, while a large egg crate grille — much like that used on the four-wheel-drive FF — dominates the lower half of the fascia. The F12′s front fenders quickly taper to a narrow point, allowing the hood surfaces to wrap down and around the side of the car, terminating in a large V-shaped swage that curves upward into the rear fenders. While the F12′s rear quarters are rather conservative, they’re not without some dramatic flair. The lower edges of the rear valence curve downward, forming a surface that intersects the rear diffuser and neatly wraps beneath the bumper.

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