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The big news is the availability of a new seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission across the R8 range, with Audi finally deciding to do away with the clunky R tronic automated manual that plagued the previous model. A conventional six-speed manual is still available on some models, however. The other major update is the addition of a new range-topping R8 V10 plus model. At the front of all the new R8s we can see a revised headlight design, with the daytime running lights slicin through the center, and a slightly different overall shape. The grille remains very close to the current model, as do the side air dams and splitter, though these too are new. As an option, Audi installs a front splitter made of carbon fiber (standard on the R8 V10 plus). All R8 models also benefit from LED headlights as standard. The individual diodes for the high and low beams have been placed above and below the strip-shaped daytime running lights, which are specially actuated to serve as indicators. In addition, static turning lights are integrated in the headlights.

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